The Best Proven CBD SEO Agency 2022

As a CBD SEO agency, we have worked with several CBD websites to make their websites get more targeted organic traffic from google. As we know CBD is categorized in restricted industry, so we can’t do any paid ads in big websites like google ads, facebook ads, instagram ads, tiktok ads, and any other paid ads. SEO the best form of traffic when it comes to CBD business, and we can help you to rank in google, get your market share, and expand even more.

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Everybody want to get involved in this business, according to Forbes in this article, this industry has a very bright future & potential, especially after it’s been legalized across the US. Even after getting the license, businesses will need to pay hefty fee, still people want to get into this business.

This level of competitiveness shows a very good sign of business potential and room for growth. As we’ve helped to rank pages of CBD websites, we know what we do works well, and will even get stronger in time.

CBD is categorized as restricted products that it can’t be advertised anywhere online in big websites like google ads, facebook ads, or other big social media websites. Yet, CBD has become one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries in the history of the world.

There is a huge lack of reliable SEO services for cannabis business owners in a country where social media like google or facebook can’t be used to advertise businesses because they are considered to be illegal. The demand for reputable SEO services is so high that it’s difficult to find good service providers who know how to handle legal matters as well as marketing strategy.

We at Syntech Support can help you to grow your CBD business by doing SEO that brings you results. We are a cannabis-friendly SEO agency that has been working with CBD companies for more than two years. We make use of industry-standard techniques and strategies to help our clients to increase visibility, sales, and revenue.


While others suffer from 2x google core updates in 2022, we helped scale one of our client’s traffic to 70k ish per month! It’s CBD, ecom, US market, you know how hard this is.

We can’t force SEO, google is a blackbox, we can’t guarantee SEO, but we have a proven method that works over and over again!

Our CBD SEO Agency packages

Moreover, we offer website content marketing services that helps you to get more traffic from the top search engines like google.

The best outcome will always be there between 6 – 12 months time for CBD niche. As you also know, the SERP is so fluid with CBD, can change all the time for today’s condition. But as time passes, looks like we’ll find the authority websites on top of google.

Make sure you’ll be one of them.

We can do DONE FOR YOU SEO and DONE WITH YOU SEO package. Just reach out and we’ll reply back soon.


We decided to be one of the best CBD SEO agency because we know that CBD brands can’t advertise with the major companies to get the highest quality traffic. SEO is the highway for consistent sales, with the highest conversion ever.

We offer you to do a free business SEO audit for your CBD business. Once you are convinced with our services, we would like to invite you to take advantage of our special SEO package later.

Contact us at if interested in learning more about SEO services for your CBD business!

Go book a call with us to discuss about how we can optimize & get you the traffic you deserve and be the market leader in CBD industry dominating Google!

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